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News Bulletin Schedule including which bulletins provide local news and which provide only UK-wide bulletins (together with a note of extended bulletins where relevant to Format)


Recent News stories covered on air (this could be today's news, a formal archive or recent examples)


The News team

Lynn - Station Manager

The programme schedule

Our weekly schedule can be seen on our schedule page.

The average number of hours of automated programming within weekday daytimes and within daytimes on Saturdays and Sundays

Deveron FM strives to produce as much live content as possible. Currently, we play a computer-generated music mix from our station play list between 10 pm & 7 am each day.

The amount of local programming per day produced by the station

Deveron FM will provide live programs, broadcast from our studios in Banff between 7 am & 10 pm each day. Recorded or syndicated content will be clearly identified on the station schedule.

Ofcom Localness Guidelines

Station Contact details
Deveron FM
Battery Green
AB45 1JL

01261 812000

Events/ charities support or coverage

Deveron FM supports local charities & events throughout the year and works closely with The Pink Slink a local event that raises funds for Cancer Research UK.

Recent programme and/or news highlights


Any other issues or areas of interest likely to impact on localness


The station's playlist (core tracks or specific output)

Deveron FM will play a mix of music covering all genres and eras. We will showcase local talent when appropriate.

The Station Format

Deveron FM's format is family friendly and aimed at all age groups in our broadcast area.

How to complain to the station

Should you wish to make a complaint to Deveron FM then you may do so using the contact form on this website.

You may also complain to Ofcom about Deveron FM, contact information and details of how to complain can be found on the Ofcom website

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